What are the ways a computer can be cracked?


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The invasion through the power cord is something else. What are some steps a person can take to secure their computer?

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Lock it up in the closet and never turn it on.

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I think most folks would agree that unless you are a corporation, the government, or someone who has lots of interesting information in their computer, the chances of being hacked are pretty low...or nil. We still consider the invasion of our systems from the large variety of virus activity on the internet and you never can tell when one will strike. A friend lost a hard drive and an operating system just from a contact with Ebay when he contacted the Prettypark virus.
Nasty little critter but we captured it on a floppy disk. We changed the file name to disguise it and then plugged it into the floppy drive of a computer with the latest McAfee anti-virus software. As soon as the file icon was shown on screen, McAfee identified the virus, stopped computer operations, and gave us four options to get rid of it. Good software! We did the same thing with a new computer with the latest Norton Anti-Virus and Norton didn't even see it. We did a virus scan of the diskette with Norton and it still didn't identify it.
We all changed our anti-virus software to McAfee 4.x.
So, your first line of defense is a good antivirus software. McAfee has the option of putting in a firewall which will help things. Other than that, there isn't much else a home computer operation can set up.

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Too funny carpenter! but true!! LOL

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