Media player problems


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Williamson is Back?

Hey, I looked at a sight that sold Wiliamson Line.. Are they back in bussiness again? I thought they went bankrupt in the early 90's.. or, were they brought out by another company and it's not the same surf green color anymore? I'd like more info in it anyone has a difrect link for Williamson full line or whate ever else.

I used to be a die hard fan of the Williamson Line, mainly the 5-in-1 sytem!!
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Media player problems

Ever since I updated to 7.1 I have been having poor sound quality. CDs, E-Cards, radio you name it.

I can drop in a music CD and Media player will not auto start, I have to start it & press CD to get it to play.

Any Ideas? I have uninstalled and reinstalled it once allready.
Win 98 SE, ATI PCI 16 sound card with current update.

Thanks For your help, Marturo
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Not sure what post to reply to here, but as for the first one, never heard of that line.

As for marturo, check to see if you have auto insert turned off on your cd-rom properties, (or what ever its called, insert notification, play on insert. do not remember) That pesky thing you turned off when you got tired of windows starting what ever program was on the cd when insterted (you = many of us). On a side note I use the cd player that came with my sb live! or winamp and dont even mess with media player unless watching video clips.

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Time for a change

Thanks Brian,
Time for a change, I went ahead and tried the SB, CD player, Now it's time to get Winamp. Sorry about the, hit the wrong button syndrom lol. Later

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