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Hey everyone. Can anyone tell me how to get my Disk Drives to work? What do i need to plug into them from the back of the drives? Say, my CD Rom Drive, and my A Drive. When I try to access them from my computer, a message says "D" is not accessible or "A" is not accessible. ANd two options are given, RETRY and CANCEL. I have a diskette in my A drive, but when I try to see whats on it, everything freezes, and you know that sound your floppy drive makes like "DA DA.. DA DA.." etc.. it does that for about 30 seconds, and then it gives me the unaccessible message. I am really irritated. What can I do to get the drives goin? My CD rom drive is really screwed up, It doesn't even appear in "MY COMPUTER"! Before windows starts, the CD rom drive can open when i hit the button, but when windows starts, it wont! PLEEEEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! SEND AN EMAIL TO [email protected] You will be really appreciated! Thanks!!!! :-)
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With all the accessibility problems you are encountering, the first place that I would look is in computer bios settings to be sure nothing has changed. You can check the settings usually by pressing F1 during boot up. Also would help to have some specs on your computer such as pentium speed, RAM, etc.

The also is a slight possibility that you got hold of a virus that attacks the BIOS. There are more than a few of those floating around.

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Hey Smokey, thanks a lot, but i am really a beginner at all this installing cards and plug and play stuff. I researched some stuff at my local library, and I still cant understand. But anyway here is what i've got.

-> My CD Rom Drive
My CD Rom Drive tray CAN open, when the computer is booting up. However when Windows starts, it CAN'T!! Nor can it read anything the CD has on it! When I installed my ZIP drive, the Zip Drive took the letter of D:\ but I assigned it to "Z" (for Zip) Now, my Windows Control Panel has A (floppy) C (local) and Z (zip) NO D DRIVE FOR CD ROM! HOW DO I Get MY CD ROM DRIVE GOING AGAIN?!?!? Its plugged up with from a power source, and its also got a ribbon tape coming up to it. It also has input from my sound card, its all installed right! I theorized that my ribbon tape was in upside down, so i tried it the other way and it wouldn't fit. So, the way I had it had to be the right one. (Or I thought so) PLEASE HELP!

->My Floppy Drive
Same thing basically. Everything was fine until I installed my zip drive. I put a diskette in, the green light comes on, and it makes those floppy disk noises for about 1 whole minute, and then I get a message that says "A is not accessbile the device is not ready!" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!? (pardon me french of course) However, The A Drive comes up in my control panel. I guess the A drive is unable to read diskettes or something.

-> My Zip drive
I dont even know if this works yet because I have no zip disks as of yet. But if I find out that the zip drive doesnt work, and nothing else does....? IM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND

ALright to sum it up, I am almost in tears! I tried it all night for gods sakes there must be somebody out there with some kind of simple explanation on how to get all this going. Please I beg of u!!!! Please If you can send me some visual aids that would be just great, this computer shop is wanting to charge me 50 bux, at least! I dont know what else there is to do.

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Take a deep breath, go have a drink, sit down and relax for a minute.

Did you go into DOS and change Config.Sys to have a line that reads:
Without that command, you are dead with the Zip Drive. You are far better to let the computer name the drives.

On your A drive (the floppy), how is the BIOS configured? Each drive has to be identified in the BIOS so that it can ascertain what drives to activate during boot up.

Did you load the drivers for the CD and the Zip Drive? If not, either load them now or reload them. Can't find the drivers? They are on the Internet so get back to me on this.

Take a deep breath, open up the computer, and talk to me. We can make this work. I am currently using an old 90 MHz pentium that was a "company castoff". A lot of work, a lot of RAM upgrade, a new hard drive, and this old 90 does great things. I added a CD-Rom and actually have two 3-1/2 in. floppy drives.

Want to do this by email? Contact me at
[email protected] My name is Smokey and I care about your problem.


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