Calling all windows 2k users!


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Calling all windows 2k users!

Ok, this one has me frustrated and I am hopeing to save myself some time. I finaly got around to getting some NICs for my pc's and networking them, (tired of burning cds and swaping from machine to machine) My "server" is windows 2k pro and my other 2 systems are 98se. I can share just fine from 98 to 2kp. any drive shared on the 98 systems are mapped to the 2kp system with no problems, however, I am at a loss as where to set the password for 98 to access win2kp shared drives. I do not use psswrds for any system (already have 8 psswrds to keep track of at work). No matter what I have tried 98 still requires me to enter a password to map to the win2kp machine. Any help would save me a lot of time.


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You should not need a password, all that should be necessary is to enable to guest account on the Win2K machine. You could also setup an account for each of the PCs that are trying to access it (on the Win2k machine). I've ran into that before, the Win2k machine can access any other machine (win2k or 98), but the 98 machine can't access the Win2k machine.

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