do not hear my fan


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Question do not hear my fan

the past couple days i do not hear my fan running. is that a problem, someone told me to take the power supply out and go get another one. would,nt i just replace the fan. it seems to go on after 15 to 20 min.. what do i do, should i not run at all, or is this normal to come on later, it seemed before when i booted up i could hear the fan right away.. now very quite for awhile.. is it on its way out, i would think they would just go.
thanks rick
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Your computer may have more than one fan in it; one in the power supply and you may have an additional fan mounted in the computer case. Either way if they do not run when the computer is powered up you need to replace them. If you have a case mounted one normally just 4 screws and 2 wires, very easy (make sure power is off of course). If the power supply fan is belly up the fix is essentially the same, but you will need to remove the cover to the supply first to access the fan. After that 4 screws and 2 wires. Take the old fan down to Radio Shack and get a replacement (that's where I got mine last year when the power supply fan started making ugly noises). Always make sure power cord is disconnected before opening power supply.
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thanks tow guy,
i do have only one fan in the power supply
and it is difinitely not running so i will replace thanks for the help,i will post if any more problems
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Most of the time if you open the power supply and clean out the dust and dirt, the fan will return to normal. I've cleaned out a bunch of them using isopropyl alcohol, a dust brush, and a good vacuum cleaner. Amazing how much stuff accumulates in these units.

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thanks again

thanks for the help I ended up buying a new power supply for 20 bucks, the fan was sodered on the board, i installed and everything works fine. thanks
p.s. you were right with the dust what a mess lol

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