Another helpfull tip.


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Another helpfull tip.

If your like me and tend to have some of the worst luck with PC's. Like I did this morning with my new adsl modem software that for some odd reason needs the NIC to be freshly installed if I mess it up before the modem software can connect to it. shouldn't be, but tis. And since windows is self corrupting multiple uninstallals sooner or later will corrupt the uninst.isu file, usualy resulting in a BOD and system reboot. At this point you will be unable to fully uninstall the program and you dang sure can't reinstall, will stop at the same spot every time. I am not sure about uninstallers such as clean sweep, but I think they need the unist.isu file the same as windows uninstaller does. the best fix I have found for this is to back up a copy of each unist.isu, that way if it gets corrupted you have a back up. Be warned that you may need to rename them so they dont over-write and each on is unique to the program it installed with.

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Wish I had known this info when I had dsl. Hated having to reinstall it everytime I had trouble. This usually involved having to pull out the modem reboot, reinstall the software, turn off machine w/ disk still in drive/reinstall the card/reboot....

I now have cable modem. Much nicer for me. Now if I can just keep connected when it rains (cable on tv works fine, must use a dish for their internet service LOL).


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