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Hello. I am running win 98 on my computer, and at times the computer shuts down and reboots on it's own. What could be making it do this? Thank You.
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Go to Windoze update site. There is a patch out for shut down problems. Following is going to be insulting but... Is the plug fully inserted? Is somehting bumping the plug to make it lose connection? Are you on an inexpensive/cheap surge protector? I always recomend an APC type battery backup/line conditioner. Less that $100.00 at Best Buy. Do you notice "Brown outs" or see the lights dim just before it happens? Power company could be dropping a line for a second when it switches/shares power with another company. See how long this can get?
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Don't overlook the obvious, folks. A bad hard drive will cause the computer to stop and reboot all the time. The hard drive will stall in mid program, lose parity, and go to reboot to regain parity.

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I agree with both of ya...

btw...HI SMOKEY!!!

In my opinion, I would do the update...see if that is the problem. If it didn't clear up the problem...then I would assume the hard drive is the culprit.


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