Surge protection


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Surge protection

The last 10 days TN has had an abundance of electrical storms. A news story today said surge protectors are going like hotcake AND also said
"replace surge protectors about every 18 months as they aren't any good after that amount". That was a new concept for me. Was it a salesman trying to sell more or does he have a vaid point? The instructions with my Belkin Surge Protector doesn't anything about life expectancy.
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That would be true of those surge protectors with battery backup, sine wave electronics, and voltage regulators.

The basic function of a regular surge protector is to blow a fuse or trip a breaker when there is a large hit of electricty. If anything the fuse gets weaker over time not stronger. Hence, the fuse is more likely to blow with smaller surges.

What does go on the 99 dollar and up surge protectors is the battery backup. Even though they are rechargable they do have a shelf life. Even the battery life can be extended by unpluging it with your computer running every couple of months and letting it go down to 10% before you plug it back in.
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There isn't anything better than a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Source) for surge protection. A battery runs the source that develops the power for your computer. All the AC line does is charge the battery.

I was downloading some information the other day when the light over my computer hutch went off, the UPS chirped, and the computer kept running through the download. When it was done, I quietly shut off the unit. No damage.

My wife has two UPS units running: one for the monitor, printer, and flatbed scanner. The other for the mainframe. They have power spikes are unreal where she is and power drops frequently. She had computer failures on the average of once a week. We put the UPS units in the system and she has not missed a day running since.

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I have a 1998 Back-UPS Pro 650 with everything PC plugged into it that I can, and I have IT plugged in 24/7.
Lots of lightening here in coastal NC, and it has always done its thing.
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Cool APC - UPS's

The “APC” brand and “Trip-Lite” are guaranteed to protect your equipment so long as you’re grounded. ALL surge protectors should be replaced if they have taken a direct hit from lightning. An uninterruptible power source is the last word in component protection. I even have one on my stereo and satellite equipment.

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