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soft modems

soft modems???

i have a 56k soft modem and my isp technical support say that the reason i am disconnectig when playing games such as age of empires 2 is that these soft modems are not compatible with gameplay...Something to do with the modem being too reliant on CPU usage and multitasking....Should I believe em???
my connection is good in the lobby but when the actual game starts im lucky if it lasts 5 mins!!
A couple of weeks ago the same modem was cooking on gas with no disconnection problems at mystified..
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Yea a “Soft” modem could cause you to get disconnected. I am surprised you manage to play online at all on dialup. I play Serious Sam and am on DSL and still get hangs. Anyway, it’s been so long since I messed with a modem that I think you will have to replace it. There are some programs out there that claim to be able to help keep your connection alive but I never trusted them. Make sure all your other programs are shut down before you connect and you connect from a fresh boot to play. I have a rocket ship computer and never get online to play without a re-boot and shut off any stand alone programs, MSN, Palm Hot sync etc. try this and well yack some more.

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