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I have an internal modem in my PC which I was using before to connect to the internet. I formatted my drives and freshly installed NT(server) and all software. Now Iam unable to connect to internet, it complains no modemn detected. I don't have the modem S/W nor do I know what modem is inside. What is the solution??
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I believe what we have here is a "conflict". Don't know what level of experience you have with computers so I'll explain myself in as plain english as I can.

Either you have more than one device set up for the same com(munications) port or your software told your computer to reset the com port so well that now your other software can't find it.

You need to make sure your modem is set on an unused com port with the right settings. You comfortable with opening up the box?

I'm hoping you are. If so, first get into your settings and make sure either com 3 or com 4 is unused. Then turn off the machine and remove the cover. Find and remove the modem. Look for the jumper blocks. They should be marked. Check your documentation if you're not sure. Then you need to make sure the IRQ setting matches the com port. Com 1 & 3 use IRQ4 and com 2&4 use IRQ3. Got that? OK, reassemble the machine. Now, power up and get into the operating system. I think you said Windows. Now, go into Settings and go to Com Ports. Go to Advanced. Make sure the address is right. For Com 3, use "03E8" and IRQ 4. For Com 4 use "02E8" and IRQ 3. You will probably need to restart the machine to get the changes to take effect.

Now try to get your software to recognize your modem. Should work, try at least twice if you have to.

Hope this helps.
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You may have what's known as a winmodem,
which requires special drivers before the O/S
will recognize it.
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I tried mage's solution and it helped. Thanks!! I have another question. What are the different parameters that determine the speed of internet access. Aside from using a fast (56k) modem, are there other things that play a role.

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