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I have tried to install a new internet server, but everytime I get to a certain point of installation and the computer crashes. I have deleted many things my children downloaded and still to no avail am I having luck. I have netscape and Internet Explorer. Has anyone ever heard of such a problem. This happens also with my previous internet company (it has gone out of business, now) I could not retrieve e-mail. It happens when I tried to use Yahoo?
Do I need professional help?
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Well what comes to mind is the modem. Right click "My computer" then "Device Manager" look for "Modem" and see if there is an exclimation point by it yellow/red. If so try "Remove"ing the modem, and reboot and let Windoze find the modem. Get your 98? disk and modem drivers disk ready. Actually put your 98 disk in first then reboot. How are you connecting now? If this doesn't do it let us know and we will go from here.
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When you try to get your mail, does it send you an error message?

If you can get on's not your modem.

sounds like a setting in your mail options might be confingured wrong....

In outlook express:

go to TOOLS
MAIL (Select your mail server)

here you will find the place to set your server info...which you need to call them and find out what their mail settings are...

hope this helps!
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do a scan disk and a disk defrag and see if that helps your other problem....
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right click My Computer Icon on the desktop
Then choose Properties from the pop-up menu
Next click the Proformance tab at the top.
What does your System Resources say?????
Make sure that they are at a very minimum (and I do mean min. of 75%) when you are online!
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