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Unhappy PC Sound

Sound problems. I can hear the modem working , etc., all sounds BUT radio, music and Windows media player etc. Could it be sound card and how can I check if it is?
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i too

have a similar problem, to get sound i have to go to the master volume control, and click on wav balance ....magically there is sound....?
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Thanks, and I will try that. I believe I have once before but who knows? It is very aggravating!
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Cool More Info

If you will throw a bit more info we will try to help. OS? Memory, computer brand, what kind of modem from the device manager. What kind of sound card, creative labs etc. do you mean you cannot hear sounds off the net? You can hear them on your desktop? Sounds card problems can get deep quick…
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Sound Problems

I'm afraid I am too much of a novice for some of the info you need. If I can find the info on my pc and you tell me where to go to find it then I can help. (El Dumbo here!) I have a Compaq pc, I know that much. My daughter bought this pc and I think I remember hearing her say she had mega memory. And something about 900 mg something. See, I told you I was dumb!!
As for hearing, I can hear the modem dialing, etc. but like when I want to listen to a radio or such no sound. I have a little service that forwards a call to my pc called "Call Wave" that lets anyone calling while I am online leave a message and I should be able to hear it but can't. The speakers are fine. Thanks for offering to help. If you can't from what I have told you , I completely understand. Thanks again, Norma
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99.9% or the time the modem will have a seperate speaker. The modem niether uses the pc speaker or the spakers connected to your sound card, wether onboard or seperate added on card.

click on start, settings, control panel, find and dbl click on multimedia. You will see a few tabs (audio, video, cd, devices, etc) under the audio tab you should see "playback device' and perhaps "recording device" . Playback device should have a volume control slider bar, is the volume turned all the way down? also there is a little check box for "show volume control on task bar" is it clicked? (this will eliminated the above step in the future) on task bar you can either single click (for master sound control) or double click for all sound options. dbl click on the speaker icon in the task bar. (you can click on option and then properties to add more sound options (wave out, pc speaker,line in, cd out, etc) (I think call wave uses wave out, so it the wave out volume is turned down or muted the master volume will have no effect.

when the sound settings window comes up are there any that have the mute check box checked? click and unmut them. when you move the slider up or down on master control you should hear a windows chime when you release the bar. do you?

btw- back at the multimedia window did you have a playback device selected? or was it greyed out? If it was greyed out you will need to check to see if your sound card is installed.

Let us know what you find before we go onto the next step, if need be.

also has the machine been moved since you were last able to hear sound? If so, did the speakers get plugged in to the right jack? (most sound cards, even el cheapos, have at least 2, maybe even 3, speaker out, line in and microphone)

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Cool Thx

Thanks brian! I really didn’t want to do all that typing. I put a complete how to on cleaning a VCR in the “Hints, Tips and Tricks” forum. Need to do that with this post…

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