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Does anybody know how to change the Start-up and Shut-down screens in Win.98 2nd Edition? I think it is done in the regedit but not sure exactly how to do it!
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Rather than regedit,Ms splash screens are changed in the Io.sys file in your root directory. Startup screen is <logo.sys> & shutdown is <logow.sys> and <logos.sys>.Save these as <myoldlogo.sys>,<myoldlogow.sys> and <myoldlogos.sys>.Now you are ready to create or download a new set of screens.If all does not go well rename the old files as they were and save to C:\WINDOWS.When finished with new screens name them as they were before you saved them and save to C:\WINDOWS.Remember when creating screens that they must be 127k and that is 256 colors*320 pixels * 400 pixels.Any logo.sys file that is not will be rejected by the startup routine.Sure you want to try? Sure you do,your a DoItYourselfer.....Mike
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Thanx Mike that helped me out tremendously!I sure am glad I registered with you guys!

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