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My friend has a Compaq Presario (if memory serves me, it is a 5250, but not sure). Lately she keeps getting two error messages. The first is "backweb error" and the second is "osd error". How do you figure out what program is causing these? It seems to affect her desktop as well as locking things up occasionally.
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When are the Error messages posting? Are they doing it when you are trying to open something? Compaq may have a software pack avalible on their website or maybe call them and see if they offer one for your system! What OS are you running?? Win98?? Is it a Blue Screen Error? If this is Win98 there is a way you can go into your msconfig files under the tab "startup" by clicking START on the taskbar then clicking RUN next type in msconfig and choose the STARTUP tab from the pop-up menu. Uncheck all the boxes EXCEPT FOR SCAN REGISTRY,LOAD POWER PROFILE(may be in there twice),SYSTEM TRAY,and TASK MONITOR. Then make sure you answer YES when it asks wether or not U want to reboot the computer otherwise all those checkmarks will just add themselves back in the way they were B-4. Finally add the checkmarks back in one at a time rebooting after each and see which one makes the computer lock or the error messages.

P.S. Leaving alot of those boxes unchecked greatly improves your System Resources which in turn helps the computer to run better. I only have the ones I said above and my MacAfee Virus scan boxes checked in my computer that way my resources are about 96% free! You can tell which programs are running in the background by looking at which icons are next to the time on your taskbar.

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