selling system


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selling system

Thanks for all the help with the stack pages Kaybyrd and 2000. I am thinking about getting rid of my system. Should I uninstall windows 98 second edition and get rid of everything before I give it to the new owner. I assumning that this will get rid of everything on the system. Is this correct or is there anything else I shoulod do??
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re-partition and re-format is the simplest solution.
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Thanks for the info but how do u re-partition and re-format.I figured if I uninstalled windows 98 that would take care of everything. Also if uninstalled windows and had any viruses would this get rid of them. I was also planning to re install windows before I give my friend the cumputer.
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click on "my computer" on the desktop, then right click your c drive. You should see the "format" option. Follow the steps through, but make sure you've printed out everything that you wanted to keep, or backed it up on a floppy for your new machine (if that's the plan). When it's gone after's gone for good. Then you can reinstall windows fresh.


Ps. Any particular reason that you've decided to sell the system? Hate for you to sell it because we don't make sense to you.

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FDISK , right?
create a emergency start disk, and boot the system to this. at the prompt type FDISK and follow it through. Delete ALL partitions, and create one new one, the full drive for simplification. Enable large disk support. Format drive (appropiate format for OS!) reinstalling OS + other basics is up to you, it would prove that the system is functional to the new owner. be careful about information you provide for registration during reinstallation.


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