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I am a self taught ccomputer user. I am doing great for the most part. I purchased one of those "Teach Yourself Windows 98 Visually" and it is great, but I just ran into a problem I can't solve. I have a split screen with two windows. You know, with the bar in between them and you have to slide this way and that way just to read an item. I can't cascade it because it is only one window. How can I pull up a full page without the seperation windows. The Bellsouth page will not leave. No matter what I pull up, there is Bellsouth lurking to the right. Seeking sugestions from any one that knows how to fix this problem. In the meantime I'm going to keep reading my book. Thanks.
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A couple of thoughts, although I'm not sure I understand. On the BellSouth thing, is this a program or a window within your Windows learning software? If not part of learning software I would no less than put it to sleep with control,alt,delete to get it out of the way. I have many programs that the windows present text that you must scroll at the bottom to read from one side to the other(is this what you mean?) If this text is long and I'm in it for very long I paste it to Wordpad or better Word if you have it. This will allow reading without the annoying scrolling and also allow you to add notes that can be saved for the future....Mike, not the one and only "Bigmike"
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Hey y'all. Tell u something I did and heve never regretted and use daily... 2 monitors on the computer. I run two 17" KDS 24 dps monitors. One on a Banshee 16 meg 2D/3D AGP card and the second monitor on an ATI 8 meg PCI card. You can run up to 5 monitors off Win 98 if you want but takes alot of resource for that much video. You can run multiple browsers, email, word whatever between the two. I have friends that bought 19" or 20" monitors and come over here and fell in love with the 2 monitor setup. It actually can spread your desktop between the 2. I am thinking about adding a 3rd one but not til after next up grade. The one and only (thank god) Bigus Mikus... P.S. Does Bellsouth feed you ads or something on this banner/window like Netzero? U can grab the corner of the window and drag it open further. After u <ctrl-alt-del> out of it go into startup from <system configuration> tools and take it out of the start up line up. 98 lets u take real control of the start files.

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