HAY Mike....... cpu limit screen shot


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Here is that screen shot of cpu limit, info before this screen showed up,

I de-fraged the drive.
Freash boot.
Not alot open
No lock up
Able to move around
Not connected to network at the time.

Why does this screen show up in IE5.0?

Any clues?

Best Regards Plumber2000
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I have spent the last hour searching Windoze troubleshooting data base to no avail. The only other thing I can think is... Do you have L2 cache turned on in bios? Get into the bios and make sure all cache'ing is on. Do you know how much cache u have? I cleaned out some mail and inadvertantly deleted some of yours. U are running Pentium 500 w/64 megs dimm right? Is it 100 MHz front end? If so u should have a meg of L2. Running out of processor can only really be cause by the L2 cache either disabled in bios or full/faulty. Or not enough L2, for a 500 MHz proc. At least 1 meg L2. And away we go..

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It don't make since, it says "this users cpu limit"

CPU = Central Processing Unit
User = Me
That have to be and IE Browser thing, cause the message only happens while on the internet, it never happens else where.

Oh I de-fraged the wife's puter it took at least 6 to 8 hours to complete, I hope that was the cause of her lock ups.

Running PC Doctor and here is alot of info for you.

DOS: 7.10
Windows Version
System Type: Standard PC
Base Memory: 640kb
Virtual Memory: 2194860 kb
Toatal Physical Memory: 96 MB (in use for virtualization)
Swap File Size: 73728 kb
Swap File Usage: 22%
CPU Type: Intel 350 MHz Pentium II
CPUID Info: ID=GenuineIntel Family=6 Model=5 step=1
MMX Avil: Yes
Video Adaptor: Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2x
Disk cache Size: 31512 kb (Min 3728 kb, Max 87992kb)
Disk Cache: Not Installed
Level 2 Cache: 512 kb Enabled
Memory Config 1: SDRAM 32Mb
Memory Config 2: SDRAM 64Mb
Bios Version: V66EN2M
Level 1 and 2 Cache: Enabled

Need more Info I will find it, does any of this info help you out?


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Man I just don't know what to say from here. I see some stuff on MS online support about browser lockups but didn't seem to be what you are looking for. The only other thing I can suggest is to install IE 5.5. It's out on MS update site. You seem to have everything you should have. There are several mentions of the ATI Rage chipset causing problems but I don't recall seeing anything about the AGP card. Will look again. The L2 cache was my last gasp. And upon further study, Win 95/98 doesn't even utilize above 512 K. Windoze NT however does. I am curious as to how u have came up with 98 megs of ram? Are u using onboard audio? Not an audio card? Only on the net huh... Get IE 5.5 installed and lets go from there. Sorry but I just can't think of anything else right now. Sound can cause hangs but only in IE doesn't ring a bell in anything I have trouble shot. Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead... Video is 4 meg upgradeable to 8, w/side banding and it own pipeline cache so should be enough. Swap file is 73 megs, that could be deleted from MS DOS promt and when u restart Win it will rebuild. I "deltree" swap file at least twice a month. Thinking out loud...
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Like I said mike there is no lock ups, this is no big deal to me, I was just woundering why this screen will show up.

Thats 96 megs of ram not 98, and the sound system is on the motherboard.

The Computer is an Aptiva IBM E5U

I can live with it, so long as it don't start locking me up.

Thanks for your tring to figure it out,

Best Regards Plumber2000

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I have been following this thread in the hopes that something may ring a bell with me but needless to say it has not. I have some friends that have some thoughts on this so I will paste them here and will be glad to pass answers on in the hopes of all of us learning something and stopping this message....If its available on the back button and is in the cache it could be a spoof message put out either by a website,does it appear with any pattern?,or by a malicious program on the system.There are programs available that give windows like error messages at random as "fun" programs to put on a mates computer.....Also from a strong PC guru....It may be an error from the proxy (the computer with the ICS software). What proxy is being used?
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Well it is avail with the back button but, once IE is closed it is no longer there, I have searched the drive for this word/s, so that makes me think it's only stored in the memory banks and not the cache.

Pattern, well good question, it happens not often but I will watch and see where I'm at on the net and see if it happens only at certain points of the web.

It's just the words users and cpu thats throws me, that would indicate local not in remote.

No ones uses my system but me, so as a joke this can not be it.

Proxy = Wingate
Using Best Data Networking Cards.

Even the wife has encounterd this message, But she has the station card in hers,

Funny thing about this last time I got this message I had her diconnected from the network.

Pass these answers on and see if anyone know.

Can it be wingate, I never had this happen in the past, and been networking for about a year now with the other pc.

Thanks Plumber2000

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