netscape won't shows up at times.


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netscape won't shows up at times.

Hello Everyone..
I've got a dell 4300 with 256 meg, 60 gig hd. my problem is sometime when i
go on line to do what ever, then i disconnect then i try to go back by double
click on the netscape icon it will seat there trying to connect but it will not
come up. but when i do ctrl-alt del i see that nestcape-6 it's there. i've got
cable to get to the net. when i restart my computer it will work again..
what's going on??
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Culprit: Most likely: netscape 6. AOL owns it, and I have had nothing but trouble with it. I hate to always stick with MS products, but if helps me avoid trouble I do.
No offense, but your description is not worded/punctuated very well. I cannot easily understand the exact sequence of events well, but can imagine the overall concept I have dealt with similar before, myself).

If you have Cable (from the cable tv company, right?), it should always be on, and there should not be a connection issue. How does it connect to the computer? USB or Ethernet? This should be connected through Ethernet for best results.
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it's from the cable company and yes goes connected to an ethernet card.
so you may think the problem is with nestcape-6??

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