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Cool Dsl

I have cable internet at home and it is connected to the USB Port. At work I'm able to get DSL and can get a modem through the telephone Co. or buy one on my one. The one through the tele co. is a Storm Port 400 Modem which I never heard of. I'm wondering if I may be better buying one a local computer. Also wondering if they also plug into the USB Port.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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*** look to see what kind of warrantee is offered on the one that the telco offers. if it is free, just take it. it lasts as long as it lasts.

I couldn't say too much about the USB modems, it is the cheaper way of doing things. Good modems have an Ethernet port, for connecting to a router (firewall protection) and a network switch after the router or built into the router. I strongly reccomend such. Software firewall protection is also good to have as a supplement to the network firewall, and visa versa. I have both, and have no hacks.


p.s. Do you thuroughly understand the wiring of DSL? this will be a fustrating culprit if you don't (voice wiring on your side of the D-marc.)
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Pay the money (if necessary) and go with what the telco is recommending. The simple reason is that you will have an extremely difficult time getting support from your provider if you don't. The provider's DSL solution is engineered to work with the equipment that they offer, technical support staffs are trained to support that equipment and if you don't use it, you're going to be on your own in making it work. This can be a very frustrating ordeal even if you are technically savvy...I would also imagine that the modem they provide will provide ethernet connectivity to your PC, an ethernet NIC is usually included in the price of DSL package. You may want to contact your cable modem provider and see if they have a new modem that will support ethernet. This will allow you to move between home and the office easily.

What I do NOT recommend is purchasing a router from a provider to connect multiple computers. These will be offered for up to $500 when you could simply run down to your local computer store and pick one up for $150 or less. These are easy to install and get running...
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Regardless of the brand, go with a Ethernet modem. Don't get a USB or internal one, even if it's cheaper. Most providers will offer you a USB modem and only provide an Ethernet type if you specifically ask for it. I've always had troubles with USB versions, especially since most computers right now have that power management featue enabled, and when the computer goes to sleep, so that the modem.

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