How to "Repair Install" Windows 98 SE


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How to "Repair Install" Windows 98 SE

I have a Dell computer (XPS T500), 20 GB drive, 128 MB RAM with Windows 98 SE and IE version 5.0, bought in Jan 2000 from Dell.

A few months ago, I was cleaning up my drive, and I think I deleted a few sub-directories under "Internet Temporary Files" (well, I throught they are really "temporary" files). I am not sure if this has anything with my IE problem below.

I notice that my IE 5 browser is very very very slow (I have a internet TV cable connection), it may take 5 to 10 minutes to open a page, whereas my Netscape browser would access in a few seconds.

The Internet Provider technician figured that my Windows98 SE operating system or IE 5 is probably corrupted in view of the fact that Netscape works but IE does not. He suggested to reinstall Windows 98SE.

I tried to setup some cache under "Internet preferences" but an error always comes up: need to enter a number between 0 and 1 for size (?). This seems to give additonal clues that something is wrong with my system (?).

I tried to upgrade my IE5 from Microsoft website, but ran into the error: "Cannot display page". MS asked to do a few more things; for example, uninstall IE5 (which was not listed when I invoke Uninstall command), and a few other checks but they are quite involved that I give up following them up.

Do you think that I should try to re-install the Windows 98 SE to fix the problem. BigMike mentioned earlier about "repair installation", and I would like to try this procedure. Can you please give more details about what to backup or prepare ahead and how to do this repair installation ? I still have a Dell original windows CD and a startup disk.

Many thanks, Tran.
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I have the next version of your machine with WinMe, just so you know.
This is the link to the IE6 download page:
I believe I may have a downloaded version of IE6 on CD somewhere, if you would like, I could email it to you. (49MB) yu do have WinZip or similar to unzip files correct?
Reinstalling win98 is not my first choice, it may be beneficial anyhow if thes system has lots of junk in it, but if it runs good, try to avoid a complete re-do. I have netscape myself, and have the generally have netscape 4.79 go slower that IE6. netscape in my opinion is not the most well designed program that is truly universal or compatible in format, I only have it for Reliable email handling.

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green jacket,

I had tried to download IE6 from MS download site but ran into the following error issued by InterNet Explorer:

"IE cannot download ie6setup.exe from Microsof/.../download/ie6/...
IE was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again."

This is really weird because I was just at this site in order to activate the download command.

I do have Winzip and would like to receive a copy of IE6 from you if possible. Please use this email address "[email protected]" because my home email ([email protected]) is limited to 5 MB filesize. Many thanks.

I guess I should try to install IE6 and see if it works. If not, perhaps I should consider again about reinstalling Windows 98 SE ? I appreciate greatly any help.

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Repair options?

Did you try to use your IE repair tool? I have recovered from a corrupt IE6 using the IE repair tool. Also I have Win 98 SE & would try to fix it, with my CD & System File Checker before R&R all of Win 98 SE.

Just a few thoughts to look at.
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Go to any computer store and grab yourself a copy of an AOL disk. Put it in your computer, cancel the install program, browse the CD (make sure the view system and hidden folders is checked), and there should be a IE folder on the CD, with its own install program and all of the files. It should allow you to reinstall it IE.
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IE6 works

green jacket,

I installed IE6 from the setup program you sent, and everything works now. So it looked like that my previous IE5 was corrupted (I still don't know how to re-install the IE5 version using my Dell CD, but I don't have to worry about this any more).

Thank you and everyone who pitched in to help. Regards, Tran.
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how to use IE repair tool


Just for my own information, how do I use IE repair tool? Will you be pleased to explain this precedure ? Thanks. Tran.
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Smile IE repair tool

Hi TranT

This is how I get there. Start to Programs, up to accessories, then down to System Tools, then click on System Information, & click on tools, on tool bar then in the drop down box you will see the Internet Explorer Repair Tool. This is the same tool bar that you will find, System File Checker a real life saver.

This tool has helped me a few times to repair or replace Internet Explorer.
Good luck with your task

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