whta is that index.dat file


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Question what is that index.dat file

in my cookies folder i can delete everything but the index.dat file.
it shows up in my temperay internet folder too. does anyone know the use for this. friends of mine think it is some kind of virus attachment that got on there p.c. they got strange mail from other friends address books, and then they seen this file in there folder, i think the one in mine has been there since i can remember. i would like it gone if is of no use.
thanks Rick

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not a virus(i hope )as i delete cookies regularly and find the same file eg cannot delete data index file i dont worry about it any more
quit looking at porn and you wont have to worry about deleting everything.there is a good program called window washer that will clean up your temporary files and such think i found it at snakesworld.com
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This is a Windows system file used by Internet Explorer. Basically it is an index of cookies that has been placed on your computer. It is harmless. Delete it if your want, Windows will just re-create it.
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2000 posted another way to control .dat files but I cant find it.

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Here's the link to the forum thread that BSB was referring to. Scroll down some and you will find it.


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