ISA modem. No drivers don't know brand


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ISA modem. No drivers don't know brand

How can I find a driver for this modem? It is a standard 56K modem any ideas????
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If you're running Win95 or higher you can just plug it in and hope that it and your computer both support ISA plug-n-play. Next, I believe windows has a generic modem setting; might try that. Another thing, there are several chips on the modem and one of those names (i.e. Rockwell) might corespond to a setting in Windows. Lastly, if you can get Windows to recognize that there is a least a modem in it you can use the dianostic button on the modem setup dialog box and the text the modem returns should give you make and model.
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Drivers for ISA devices are becoming scarce. ISA has been deprecated and mainboards are nolonger manufactured with ISA expansion slots.

Your best bet is to consult the manufacturer's website. If that does not work I would highly suggest that you purchase a PCI modem.
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If memory serves me right:

ISA modems are (should be) hardware based.

When installed into a WIN9x PC, should be identified as modem, not a generic device. Standard Hayes modem settings should work, enough to make a connection up to ~28.8kbps.

IF it is a software modem................. rots 'o ruck.

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Go to and thie small program identifies everything on your PC. It creates a computer profile summary which I print out (2 pages) and keep handy.

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Cool Current

Go into control panel and Dbl/Clk the modem icon, you want to delete/remove the current modem. Now install a “New” modem from the list where you just removed it from. When it asks if you want Windoze to search for a modem tell it you will select one from a list. Try “Standard 28.8/33/56 whatever and see if that works. You can also try a “Hayes Compatible” modem. Pull the modem out, look at the largest chip on the board, probably “Rockwell” ABC123. Go to and sign in, search under that Rockwell Number and your OS and they should have the driver or a generic that will work.
You can also check from “My Computer” “Properties” “Device Manager” under “Modem” and see if Windoze ID’s the modem. Does the mgr show any conflicts etc? What OS? CPU? Memory? Is the board more than say 4 years old?

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