hp scanner


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hp scanner

Thanks for everyone's previous help.

Another Question: I have a Presario Compaq which is several years old. Attached to it I have a 5P HP Scanner connected with a scsi card.

Now I have a newer Dell Computer. The old scsi card will not fit into the Dell. Was told at a computer store that I was out of luck and would not be able to hook up this scanner to the Dell. Is this correct or does someone know what I could do

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Just buy a scsi card thatWILL run in the Dell. It does depend though if the 5P is supported by whatever O/S you are running. Dont think you should have any problem though.
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Cool New One

Scanners are cheap, even really good ones are less than $150. SCSI card in that newer computer may not work, could, not saying it will, conflict with other components. Go buy a new scanner with USB connects, you will not regret it. Kinda like buying a new car and using used tires…
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The original SCSI is probably an ISA card. It will not work in any (not just Dell) computer because the ISA bus has been dropped in favor of the PCI bus. Newer operating systems like WinXP have also dropped software support for devices using the ISA bus.

You could just buy a new SCSI card like an Adaptec AHA-2940.

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