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picked up a used pc with a cdrwer installed. can i erase a cd that was copied by this unit. i did not get any infro with system. got it at yard sail . please inform me on how to do this. the help is very misleading. thank you
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If you copied it on a CD-RW then you can erase it, if you copied it to a CD-R then you can't erase it. The difference is that a CD-RW is reusable (rewritable) and a CD-R is for one time use only. And if you want to erase it the software that comes with the burner should have a option to erase the cd.
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In your Programs

First remember you can not erase a CD-R or a CD-ROM, only a CD-RW disk can be erased. You can record both a CD-R or a CD-RW.

Click Start and goto programs and look around in your programs. There has to be a name on the CD-RW, so look for that and find a way to Erase the disk by working with RW CDs.

In your lower left hand tray there could be a shortcut that will start a Wizard for you. Just stay with the CD-RW part of the program & you should see erase as an option. Then you can record on the same disk again.

I have 100s of CD-Rs and 5 CD-RW disk you will soon find out why I prefer the 35 Cent CD-R for all my copying needs. For now enjoy the CD Writer, it's the answer to keeping your files backed up often.
Good luck, Marturo
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I agree with marturo on keeping the burner. I had a zip drive as my backing up system, but discovered that cr burning is definitely the best way. I also bought a set of the rewrittables, thinking it would be good to have my genealogy stuff on it, but I also have to agree with marturo on the 35 cent one writes, too. I've never been so on top of my system (and the crazy things I do that make my system need restoring) and haven't lost anything in over a month.

I also found out with my burner program (NERO) that I can add on to a previously burner CDR disk. I didn't know that. Way, way cool!


Ps. Now if I can keep my kids from burning cd's for their friends I'll be happier! Kind of solved that by password protecting the screen saver, which I activate as soon as I leave the computer area. So far haven't had to resort to password protecting the whole system since if they reboot to get past it, they don't know my password for the 'network' and can't figure out how to get to the programs that burn the cds!

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Posts: n/a this site sells cdrs for cheap prices, you can get a 100 pack of 32x cdr's for only $15. it much better than paying $10 for only 5 or 6 cdrs.
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Micro Center

Hi Rmen13,
Thanks for the link to Micro Center. I don't have that one, & it looks good.
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You welcome, my friend gave me that link because he bought it and said its good because it doesn't have a label on it its clear both sides so you can add your own label if you want.

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