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Right. I'm running Microsuck Windoze 98SE on a Dell XPS-T700 with 128 MB. Every so often, the taskbar decides to freeze. After a couple minutes it pops up with a start. The other windows seem to keep working, at least the have the two times I've gone to START SETTINGS. Could Control Panel or KRNL32 be the culprit? Or is this another feature?
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This is the second post I've seen from you about freezing kinda/sorta... Are you running any antivirus on this machine? How about your APM settings? A scanner program will cause this also. To be honest I have never seen a taskbar freeze. I have seached MS support and find nothing on this particular problem. But U know MS, there's so much wrong I may have missed something in the search.
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You may be right about multiple posts. sorry.
I'm running Norton System Works 2000 Professional and ZoneAlarm 2.1. I know during shut down SystemDoctor hangs regularly. I found that by doing the three fingered salute to MS and saw sysdic32.exe was not responding. Sometimes I'll see msgsrv32.exe (.dll?) not responding. I've tried contacting Symantec but they've been silent so far.
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Hey man didn't mean anything by multiple posts. Post away
I know what you mean by security updates etc. To many to count but I wouldn't/didn't think of that. That msgsrv.dll can, has and will become corrupt. I have dealt with it personaly twice this year. I believe it's cause by either a bad Java or Active X script. Not sure just guessing as it has happened both times right after I have closed IE from searching odd sites for whatever. Last time was for a fan identification for a 1921 GE electric fan. Windoze, Bayer Asprin's main reason for a good stock price...

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