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Aside from the speed of the modem, what other parameters determine the speed of internet access?
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Condition of the wire in the house, is it branched out to multiple phones or is each room wired to the tel box on side of house? If you are on an older Tuxcedo type manualy swithced junction. Does your ISP have T1 access? T3 better. Look into DSL, make sure you are not on the fringes of the service though. I have a cable modem, average download speed is 1 mbps or 1 mega byte per second. Average dialup up 56K (44K best connect by FCC law) is 3 to 20 K bytes per second. Difference, cable/DSL/ISDN a 10 meg file in less than 2 minutes, dialup about an hour plus. Cable by far the fastest so far fro mmy experiance. And away we go...
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Cable modems and DSL are very fast when downloading.

However, one component of 'internet speed' is the speed of the server of the site you are accessing. Some sites are very slow!!! Other sites pop up very fast!

One of the competing forums is extremely slow! Even with out fancy graphics, accessing postings is slow!
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Aside from line quality also be sure your using the latest driver/firmware for your modem.
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Thanks Bobf and 1830! I failed to mention both of those reasons.

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