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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can explain to me what a math coprocessor is and what it does. I was trying to load Windows 98SE last night and while it was doing the scans before loading anything a message came up saying that a math processor was needed and could not be found. Needless to say, I can't load Windows now. I checked Microsofts site and couldn't find any information on how to solve this problem. Any information you can provide on how to get around this problem, where to get one etc would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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A math Co-processor works with the
main CPU to do math operations faster.
All x86 CPUs above 486 have them built in,
but may have a disable feature in the BIOS
setup. Personally, I wouldn't try to run
win98 on anything 486 or under, with or without math co-pro.

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