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I have an old computer (Pentium 150, Windows 95) that had crashed a few months back. Most of the stuff was okay, but anything related to dialup networking & internet wouldn't work. So I recently did a full recovery from the recovery disk & CD. Now the computer is restored to the way I originally bought it, but I can't seem to use the modem to connect to the Internet. I CAN use the "phone dialer" software. But when I create a dial-up network connection, the modem opens the dial tone (I can hear it) but no numbers get dialled.

Is my modem fried? I have check many of the options & can't seem to find anything. I am not using a credit card or access number for dialling, so that's all fine. Thanks for any help!
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What do you mean by "Crashed"? Hard drive failed etc? My first advice is to reinstall the TCP/ICP setup and dialer. Comming off a crash something could be corrupt.
Do this... Put Windoze 95 in CD ROM...
Remove your internet dialup connection out of <my computer> Just delete the icon for your ISP. Make sure you have the settings, DNS, phone numbers etc.
Go into <Control Panel> <add/remove programs> <windoze setup> un-check <communications>. It's going to complain about it but click yes/ok whatever. I do believe it will prompt you to restart if it doesn't <re-start>.
Back into <ctrl pnl> <add/remove programs> <windoze setup> re-check <communications> and look down at the lower R/H corner for <Details> click that and look for and check <dial up networking> it should promt for a restart if not re-start and then redo your ISP. Should work from here. Since you can use the dialer it's not likley the the modem is bad. Yell if this works, don't work and we'll go from there...
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Thanks for replying bigmike.

What happened was that one day I suddenly couldn't use anything related to dial-up networking. (i.e., the dial-up networking itself, my ISP, IE, Netscape, etc.) But most of the programs like games, MS Office, etc., were working fine. When I would start the computer, it would warn me that the registry was corrupted and some of my programs may not work properly.

Since I bought a new computer, I saved all my old files and recovered my old computer. What I mean is that I used the recovery CD which restores the computer completely to original condition. i.e., it reformats the hard drive and reinstalls all the software that originally came with the machine. Now I can start my old computer and it goes to Win 95 without any complaints. Do you still think there could be something corrupt? And do you think that I should still follow your instructions of removing and reinstalling dial-up networking?


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