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Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some suggestions that I can try. My son's computer, a 486, (he uses it for school work only) has suddenly run into a major problem. I'm not sure if this is a power problem or something else. The monitor seems to have power since the green light does come on but is black (its plugged into the computer itself, not the wall), but nothing else does. The floppy, fan, Cd Rom etc doesn't seem to have any power at all. Any and all help is greatly appreciated since I can't afford to buy another computer right now for him. I'm willing to try repairs myself since I do have some computer knowledge.
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Open case, pull the four lead power plug off the hard drive, cr rom etc. Locate the red & black wires in plug. Turn unit on. With a volt meter check for voltage across the plug. +5/-5 to +12/-12 volts DC. Black to any one of the three wires should show voltage. No voltage? Pull the power supply out, crack the case, look for the fuse, if it's good you more than likley U have lost the power supply. Most computer shops will sell you a power supply for $10. If fuse is blown and is black it's 95% sure it's shorted or hit by lightning. Replace...
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Good points mike. Also when you have the case off make sure that the video card is snug in its slot. I know that seems like a dumb thing but I have seem this a few times before and that was the prob.
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disregard my last post I misread and thought you said that the Cd,floppy,etc. DID seem to have power. But as I read it again I saw they DID NOT

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