Overclocking Amd K6-II w/3D-Now technology


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Okay here we go. I have already posted this topic once before. The advice I got was to read the article at Toms Hardware.com which I had already done and all that did was fill my head with too much techie mumbo jumbo. So here I go and I am gonig to try an be as through as possible. I have a Compaq-crap model 7462 Internet PC. It has a 10GB hard drive, Panasonic 10x DVD-Rom, generic 3 1/2 floppy, AMD K6-2 500MHz socket 7 style processor with 3D now technology,100MHz bus speed on the motherboard. After examinig the mother board I could only find a few markings (PWA Camaro Mother 0006 31). I have 64MB of SDRam. The whole system is only about 5mths. old. The video card....well actually the video is on the motherboard (another reason why the company should be called ComCrack instead of Compaq) contains 8MB of memory. Oh yeah I am running Win98se. Does anyone know how to overclock this system? Which jumpers to switch and yadyad? Do I really want to overclock? Will it hurt the life of the system? I mainly use the system for web design, internet use, games, and to run a few office applications. Help please...................
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Heat inside your case will be a problem when you overclock this cpu, make sure you have a good heat sink, fan and some kind of good case fan. The case fans that move out 45 to 65 cfm are a good start. Motherboard and cpu temps are going to go up.
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Overclocking is a bad idea. You are willing to risk overheating your processor and shortening the life of your cpu all for a few extra megahertz that you won't even see the speed difference in? Rule of thumb...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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