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I can use my HP 4450 (which has 64mb ram) a few applications and the ram percentage goes to from around 82 percent to about 34 percent even after I close out of everthing. Any advice. Thanks

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What applications are you running? Depending on that they maybe resource hogs. Heck windows itself is a resource hog. Anyways make sure you have a good chuck of free hard disk space for swap available. Also be sure to eliminate any running programs in the background that might be on your task bar or in your system tray. Click on start..then run..then where it says 'open'..type in 'msconfig' ( without the quotes ). Goto the startup tab..and uncheck the programs you wish to disable at startup. Be careful don't want to uncheck the programs that windows needs to run your changes and reboot...that should help you out a bit.
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I have already elimanated some of the things on the start up. I use free internet and I know it takes up a lot of ram. Along with my Frontpage 2000 that I also use daily. When I close out of these programs my ram is not being restored. I can boot my pc up and my resources show around 79% free. After using the internet and frontpage and then closing out of these programs with only windows open my resouces show 59% or less. I can restart my PC and restore my ram back to around 79 to 80%. My hard drive is 6.3 gigs and there are 1.05 free.


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You can close those startup items in msconfig but their programs are still on the disk. You may need to remove some unused programs using the ADD/REMOVE in windows located in the control panel.

Run the maintenance items to clear the system of more unneeded fragments.

After that, you've done as much as you can thus far. The only real answer is to buy/add more RAM.

I added 128 more RAM and it made a world of difference. Worth every penny of the cost. Gone are the problems caused by a lack of RAM.

Good Luck,
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Good Morning steve2, My guess is you have a major program or programs bleeding your resources if the few that can be disabled in msconfig did not help. If you can't pin it on an often used program this Link will take you to an MSKB page with many solutions to resource problems. You have your reading cut out for you but your trouble may be found here....Mike
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Well Mike, Tom, if you guys can figure out how to stabilize Windoze 98SE or any win/os resource let me know. I hate to say it but maybe ME or 2000 is my next move. I know where my resources go, web cam, IE 5.5, Office 97, Outlook 98 etc My P133 laptop will run all day and stay above 70% but only running a GPS program and a drivers log book. Later guys...
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Hey all, I found a couple of good articles on resources last night. Fred Langa says he has no problem until his resources fall into the single digits. Yeah right! Mine fall below 60% and I push the big button on the box and get nasty messages from Bill G. on a blue screen. If you have time check these out, they are really very good...Fred Langa resources part1,Fred Langa resources part2

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