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This only pertains to warranty info, so if you're careful and read the fine print...
Machine had AOL 4.0 preinstalled, and somehow (beats me) AOL 5.0 was downloaded. Net result was TFAT error (corrupt HD) and since 5.0 was not oringinal version, manufacturer would not cover repair even with ext. warranty. Perhaps $85 cost to walk me though re-format of HD was price one pays for not being more careful. Since then, no trouble and a lot more careful. Advise you do the same when downloading, check with manufacturer first if warranty still in effect. Thanks and happy surfing!
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Bottom line: you got screwed. You were fed a line of BS. I work with systems daily and have been for 22 years. There is absolutely no way they can blame a software upgrade for corrupting the HD and then charrging you for it.

I don't use AOL, but millions do and love it. AOL 5.0 is tried and true. If it caused a problem, the problem is with the mfg, not AOL.

Besides, reformatting a hard drive is easy, though daunting (scary) for a neophyte. It is time consuming to reload all the software.

I'd complain to: A) store manager where you got the pc; B) the mfg of the computer; and C) the BBB.

BTW - Gateway would have done this for free.
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Red face

Figured it was wrong info, but mfgr (Gateway)said download voided warranty. No problems since then. Thanks for your input.
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Hey Bob, Where can we sign up for this tech support company at
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I still think the manager at the local Gateway gave you a line. I had problems last winter and took my Gateway into the local store.

Yes, I had updated both AOL and IE. They reformatted the HD and didn't charge me anything. Even got some additional software loaded on it. Had I known that's all they would do, I'd have done it myself.

BTW - last spring my son got a trojan horse through instant messager. It affected the os. I called the local store. Their techs said I couldn't just reload Windows. Knowing that was odd, I called the 800 tech line. Their answer - sure I could. Told me just what to expect. It only took about 15-30 minutes to do.

Bottom line: don't believe everything the local store tells you.
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I had my first dealings with Gateway in 1992. My employer had purchased the first 486DX2-66mhz machines. It had a 1.2 GB SCSI and 16 MB RAM. What a screamer that was!!!

My mother-in-law bought a Gateway in Feb 99. Some time later the HDD crashed. Within 3 days Gateway sent a new HDD and a technician to install it and rebuild the OS and preinstalled software.

Lat Thursday A.M. the monitor died for no apparent reason. I called Gateway and yesterday a replacement monitor was delivered by UPS. Gateway pays return freight on the monitor.

Can't say anything bad about them for their toll-free support or return policy.

Can't agree with them on this guy's problem though. I think the store guy's head is where the sun rarely shines.

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Not wanting to beat a horse what ain't livin'...
The info I received, erroneous or not, came straight from Gateway's 1-888 number. I talked to 4 separate technicians for app. 3 hours to save, reload, figure the type and number of charges I would incur. I believe you based on your experience, however, at that time, I had no choice but to pay the fee since I was unable to boot up at all. As I said originally, I have had no problems since, and I still feel the extended warranty is a good idea as I have also had the motherbaord replaced for free at the local store where the mochine was purchased. Thanks!
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I have two computers, both built from scratch. I would not own a Gateway or any other brand, even though they "might" have good reputations.

While I was in Memphis this summer I did spend lots of time in the Gateway store using their T-1 lines to access the net.
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I'm with ya, in a couple yrs I'll be doing the same. Have a friend at work who also builds computers, hopes with his C+ cert. to do so professionally. (Say, how are you at coping crown molding?)
Thnks for quick response.

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