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Please help..I'm building a 266 from spare parts using a 14gig hard drive and a nec 1800a cdrom. Bios only goes up to harddrive type 47 and won't let me enter a 5 digit num in number of cyls (14848) and I don't have a driver to access the cd rom. What can I do?
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You need to find out if your BIOS can be updated by "flashing" it. It is probably either Award or AMI. Both have web sites with available bios updates and flas software. Follow the directions that they give you.

If your BIOS detects the CD-ROM then you software should have a driver that will work. I only know of three kinds of CD-ROM drivers: IDE, EIDE, & SCSI (lots of variations of SCSI). WIN95 and 98 both have generic drivers for them. Both will install a generic driver during setup after the device is detected.

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Thanks for your reply, however, I think I'm still in the same boat. I have a Phoenix BIOS. The Phoenix site offers boards to upgrade the BIOS or they suggest going to the original manufacturer. The motherboard came out of a Dell Optiplex Gsa. The Dell site is useless when to comes to finding downloads. And as far as the CD-ROM goes, it's and IDE CD-ROM. And it's great that the Windows 95 will detect it, the problem is I can't load windows until I can get to the CD-ROM. I hope this doesn't sound like I have an attitude, I'm just very frustrated. Thanks again for your reply.
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Mitsumi's ATAPI/IDE CD-rom driver is generic,
and should work with any IDE drive. You can
download it from Mitsumi's site.
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As far as your hard drive troubles go, you can check with the manufacturer for the specs on the drive.

If the drive is a Western Digital model, you can use their EZBIOS feature..which essentially has you tell the computer your hard drive is a 500 meg model (in the BIOS) but then EZBIOS takes care of the rest.

Also note that if you set the BIOS to "Auto Detect", the drive may not be usable under DOS but it WILL most likely be fully functional under Windows 9X.

I have a situation on my box at home where the Bios simply refuses to recognize my 2nd 8 gig HD running on the 2nd IDE channel.

However windows sees it just fine, but the Bios itself can't do anything with DOS_wise I'm out of luck.

Not that this really matters much in todays day and age.

Goood Luck!

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