Norton Disk Doc Slowing Me Down


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Spring of 99 I had a new HD put in and reloaded all my applications. The new HD was as snappy as can be.

Fall of 99 at the insistence of a friend, I reinstalled my Norton Antivirus '95. The computer then took twice as long to boot up, shut down, run applications, retrieve files, and surf the web. I even started to get those "blue screens" stating "Fatal Exception", etc. I pressed enter and they went away, but still, it made me wonder.

Summer of this year: I uninstall Norton Antivirus. Computer performs like it hasn't for nearly a year!! Fast, unimpeded.

So why would a virus software like Norton do that to my machine?

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Chris_K_99, The pain you feel with Norton is very, very common. All Norton utilities are known for causing Windows systems to slow or crash. This may not be true of ME but will be known soon. What you have is a clash with one, some or all of your applications and it is possible that the clash is with Windows itself. You did the right thing in uninstalling and moving on to a utility that will work with your system. To find and cure the clash could leave you with little more than Windows/DOS and an able anti-virus. In all fairness to Norton, for every one that can't run it there are probably five thousand that can and this is true of most software......Welcome to the world of Windoze......Fragile as a snowflake but fine when it's fine......Mike
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The name says it all! Besides that Norton was old and outdated. Personaly I haven't seen a Norton product I would use. They seem to cause more problems with Windoze than they cure.

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