COM Ports, and what they don't tell you...


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AOL, AT&T World Net, Microsoft, and the local phone company all brag about lightning speed 56K and up service. What they, and computer manufacturers, neglect to tell you is that you are NOT surfing along on the 56K roller coaster at all. Nope, it's more like the 9.6K kiddie coaster!

See, the default BPS(bit per second)baud rate for the COM ports in Windows 9x and NT is 9600. MILLIONS of Americans don't realize this and think they are getting 56 or 100K service.

Well, here's how to get that speed up. Follow the "bouncing" arrows!

Double click Modems to find out which comm port your modem uses. Close that.

Under SYSTEM click the "Device Manager" tab. Double click on "Ports" when the device list displays. Double click on the port your modem uses (COM1 or COM2). Select the "Settings" tab when the Port's properties display.

Under "Bits per second" pull-down menu, adjust it to 57,600 for a 56K modem, or 115kbps for the 100K service.

Ok out of everything, and you'll now be utilizing the true potential of your modem and Com Ports.

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Chris_K_99, I tried your trick today and after waiting all afternoon for some SPEED I havn't noticed a thing. Perhaps my speed is as good as it gets as far as 56K goes. I connect at 48000 or 46333 at all times......Mike
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To me, this is not any new information, but I think that I will have do disagree with you a bit.

Your connection speed shows down in the system tray whenever you are connected.

The applet in control panel is a means for users to make some minute changes in their settings, but by default the faster modems install at the 115K rate. This is my experience. I've installed Win95 and 98 too many times to count and each and every time my 56k modems have installed to the 115K rate.

More than a Carpenter

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To mjmerrit:
48 out of 56k aint bad! I get about 50.6K locally.

To More Than a Carpenter:
I didn't understand your comments exactly. At one point you are saying that the systray slows down the connection speed a bit, then you go on to say that your 56K modem is pulling nearly twice it's speed(115K).

Either way, it HELPS to have your modem port set to a reasonable bps; whether you agree with this or not is another matter.

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Read my comment again. I did not say SLOW DOWN, I said it SHOWS in the systray.

If the connection speed shows 45300 in the systray, that's how fast you are connected.

My modems have all installed, by default, to the the 115k.

I'm lucky nowadays to connect over 30k

More than a Carpenter
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Sorry MTAC,

Thought it was a %ypo. These daze everygoibydy's doing them.

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You guys are mixing issues.

The Baud Rate of a modem refers to the speed at which it can transmit data to and from external systems. This is 33.6k upstream, max, and 54K downstream, max. Unless you go to digital lines, it just wont get any faster. If you occasionally connect at 115K, its because your modem and system have become confused...are you are actually just running at whatever speed your modem normally runs at. You'll note a 5 minute download still takes 5 minutes when connected at 115 vs, say, 28.8 or 33.6 or whatever. It has to do with which "throughput" number the modem is returning to windows.

The Com Port Rate you are all referring to is the speed at which information can travel from your MODEM to your PC. Its an internal setting, that used to be more of an issue back when Com ports actually referred to SERIAL ports on the back of computers....

Since almost all modems are now internal, and those interal modems all have 16550 FIFO buffers built into them, that com-port setting usually isn't going to affect you at just dictates what speed the computer transferrs information from the modem to the PC's BUS.....

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Well first of all you people are not going to get any better performance out of a modem than 56K. Number one it is against the law to have speeds higher than that on a modem and #2 the technology is not there. You can adjust the modem string to match your modem in your ISP's settings. If you want faster data transfer and connect speeds then I suggest DSL, cable, etc.

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