Win Taskbar clock running fast


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Does anyone know why the clock on my taskbar runs fast. It probably adds about 20-30 mins each week or week and a half. I am using Win98se on a ComCrack Presario that is only about 6mnts old. I know that if your clock displays the wrong time or is severly slow that your clock chip (AKA the watch battery on the motherboard) is bad. I don't think that is my problem though since the comp. is so new!
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I have an almost 2-yr-old Dell PII w/Win 98 and my clock LOSES 20 minutes a day. It has been like that since Feb., when I installed 2 new programs that apparently conflicted. I have to re-boot all of the time just to re-set it. What's up with that? How do I correct it? TIA
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Go to <Help> <online support> in IE 5.x and search the knowlege base for this. There is a write up about time loss... Q189706 Thats all I could find on "clock" or "time".
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Thanks, BigMike!
I went there and into ms/dos prompt and reset my clock in there. I'll let you know if that corrects the taskbar clock. Mike aka Old Guy

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