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I have an HP 672C printer. It was printing then I would get an error out of paper. I would turn it off then back on and it would print one copy and I would get the error again and no print. I have run the tests that HP recommended. I have got it printing again but I get the error to check color cartridge. It goes ahead and prints. When I go into device manager to SCSI controllers it lists 3 HP EPST parallel SCSI Adapter. Each one has a yellow !(exclaimation)beside it. I checked the properties and the device status was this device is not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installed(code 10) Try upgrading. I hit upgrade and got message unable to locate a driver for this device. I have run communication test, alignement, self print and they all check ok. Thanks in advance for any help. Robert
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OK, go into Device mangler and <remove> all the "!" devices. Look for "Printer" and if it's there remove all instances of printers. Next go to <Start> <Settings> <Printers> and remove all printers from the window. Reboot. Then <Start> <Settings> <Printers> <Add new printer> Re-install printer drivers. If you don't have them go to and get them. This should take care of your problem. More than likley the printer drivers have become corruprt. Ain't Windoze fun?
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Thanks Bigmike for the reply. I got the printer going. I am still having problems off and on but I believe it need a new cartridge. Thanks again. Robert

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