Screen remains dark after powering up laptop


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Unhappy Screen remains dark after powering up laptop

I think the laptop may have been dropped while moving. Since then, nothing shows on screen after turning the system on. This happens both on AC power and battery power. Is there a way to adjust the resolution on these things?
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Cool More Info

First off what is it? OS? Memory? Yes there is an adjustment for resolution but if it was dropped no adjustment is going to bring it back. Most likely a ribbon cable has come loose. The florescent backlite tube may have failed, cracked the board… You will need to take the unit in for repair but if the drop was from a very great height say four to five feet there are numerous things that could have happened. If it a few years old I don’t know if I would repair it or not. Depends on what it is… By the way, is it booting? Can you here it spin up and or hear Windoze come to life?
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Yes, it does boot up to the desktop just like normal, where you can just B...A...R...E...L...Y see the Windows 95 logo, then goes completely dark.
It is a Gateway Solo 2500. I'd like to sell it, but would like to know how to fix glitch first, assuming it would be worth the cost as opposed to selling it the way it is.
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Cool Welllll...

Well it sounds like the backlight has failed. The only way to figure it out is to open it up and trace the circuit down. It’s a florescent light no different than in any office building etc but on a much smaller scale. You can carefully try to dismantle the top where the screen is and see if the bulb has come unplugged. Unless you know what the circuit looks like it would be practically impossible to tell you what to look for. That repair shouldn’t be too expensive. What do you want for it as is? I need a laptop but there is no guarantee that it can be repaired. Anything can be repaired but how deep are your pockets is the question? If the LCD panel cracked it will be worthless.

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