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Sometimes when I start my computer I get this message Terminating Thread Due to a stack overflow problem,A VxD,Possibly recently installed,Has consumed to much stack space increase the setting of 'MiNsp's in system,INI or remove recently installed VxDs. There are currently 4sp,s allocated.What does this mean? and where can I find the VxD or MiNsp? I have a Compaq Pentium 3 550mhz 128 megabytes,Windows 98 2nd edition. Thank You.
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There are so many things that can cause stack overflows. Try the online support out of <Help> in IE 5.x There are pages and pages of info on this problem.
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fritobandito, A 32 bit device driver has 4K of cushion memory to help prevent crashes. If one exceeds 4K you get a fault.
This is how to add stack pages to the MinSPs. START, RUN, type "msconfig" without the quotes. Click OK. Click on the System.ini tab. Highlight [386Enh] and click New. Type MinSPs=6 and click OK. Restart to change settings. If you still get the fault change MinSPs=6 to MinSPs=8.....Mike
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I thought I should add that your current MinSPs setting is MinSPs=4. This wasn't clearly spelled out in the fault. If going to MinSPs=6 or 8 doesn't help you may want to return to MinSPs=4 before moving ahead....Mike
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hey mike and big mike,thanks for helping me out,i'm computer illiterate.compaq offers training, but i'm not spending $300 to$400 to learn how to use a computer.anyway,i have'nt had that error message come up yet,and thanks again,having a forum like this is great.

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