Memory upgrade problems


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Memory upgrade problems

I know I’ve asked this question before, but I didn’t explain myself enough and I need some serious help here. I want to upgrade my PC memory because the internet is slow and I keep getting ‘error’ and ‘this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down’ messages, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. A friend gave me a card, installed it, rebooted, then left, thinking that that was all that had to be done (which, of course, is all that USUSALLY needs to be done!). I called him about the problem but he doesn’t know what to do now, which is why I’m in this forum. Here’s the problem. The computer is supposed to recognize the upgrade, but it won’t. I have a Compaq Presario 5700 N, which is a “built for you” model, 1 1/2 yrs old and I’ve had nothing but problems with it – the hard drive crashed when the PC was only 8 months old and trying to get help from Compaq is like pulling teeth with no pain killers! I’m trying to upgrade, adding another 64 RAM card. The PC runs Windows 98/Microsoft Office 2000 and is in SIMM mode (or whatever SIMM is).

From ‘Help’ I went into System Properties and clicked on “Let Windows manage my Virtual Memory” to reserve disk space, but nothing happened. I also went into the bios to reconfigure the RAM but each time I used my arrow keys to get to the RAM, I would get kicked back up to the toolbar. That was a few months ago, and now I forget how I got into the bios altogether. So, first I need to know how to get into the bios and change the RAM configuration. If that doesn’t work, I need to know what other steps I have to take to get my PC to recognize the new card. Should I just switch the cards first, although it shouldn’t matter – they’re both 64 RAM. Could it be that the card went bad when it was disconnected from my friends’ computer? Any other suggestions? Some help with INDEPTH detail would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Your description is a little confusing, but I THINK you're saying you have 64Mb of memory and are trying to upgrade to 128Mb by adding an additional 64Mb SIMM. If you have just installed any old 64Mb SIMM, it may not be the same speed as your original. This will cause all sorts of wierd problems due to the mistiming between the 2 halves of memory. Check the SIMMS. They MUST be the same - at least in bus speed. Also, if your friend knows as little as he sounds, yes, he may have damaged the SIMM when removing it. These SIMMS are VERY static sensitive. You do NOT hold one in your hand while combing your hair on a woollen carpet!
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Ejones is correct, all memory is static sensitive. If your computer is only 1 1/2 years old you probably are using sdram. fsb (front side bus speed) is probably 66, 100, or 133 mhz. Under normal situations faster fsb memory will work on most slower fsb. Slower fsb will not work on faster fsb. so for a start check the fsb of your two memory chips and remember which one is the original and match the second with the original.
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Lightbulb SIMM....DIMM

Sounds like you are having fun.... Your system takes 2 PC100 DIMM that can total up to 512 Mb max. If you have your motherboard or bios set for SIMM you need to change that to DIMM. SIMM is Single Inline Memory Module. Dimm is Dual Inline Memory Module. Good luck...Roy

OBW...Just do a search for memory and you will get the answers from one or more of the hits!
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Cool Memory

As the computer boots up, pay close attention to the first part of the post and you will see, usually down at the bottom R/H of the screen, “Press DEL” to enter system configuration. You may have to tap the “DEL” key in a one second rhythm to get to the BIOS. You are having a memory problem, does this do this with just the single 64 Meg stick in? Then when you plug in the other stick it has a heart attack and does the kickin chicken? If so pull out your stick and put your mates stick in alone. Look at the memory stick, does it have 72 pins or 168? 72 pin is a SIMMs, and 168 is a DIMMs. Some computers did come so that you could have SIMMs or DIMMs but not at the same time. Of course like what the others mention, buss speed of the memory is important. If it is a SIMMs you need to get the numbers off it and find out if it’s EDO or Non EDO (parity or non parity) memory, you cant mix them either. Try the swap and see what happens we’ll go from here…
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my 2 cents

Hi, I'm new to these forums, but would like to pass on a site that has been extremely helpful to me in the past. I've had to upgrade memory in many different kinds of computers. I learned alot from I also have ordered memory from them and never had a problem. They have some excellent tutorials and can help you figure out just what you need. Good luck! If you still have trouble, I can give you a couple other ideas, but check out Crucial.
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All compaqs I have seen use F2 or F10 or some combination of keys to enter bios. and not always displayed on post. May be different on newer compaqs.

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Lightbulb RAM

Couple of misconceptions...

1. Adding RAM is unlikely to make your internet experience any faster - the bottleneck there is generally your modem.
2. Windows tends to be pretty explicit when it's whining about a lack of memory, but the error messages you describe sound more like general O/S corruption issues. A Windows install gets slowly corrupted over time as you add/remove software, change settings, crash and reboot etc. Might be time to wipe the drive and reinstall - don't forget to back up your data.
3. A brand name on a computer isn't worth squat. Better to do a bit of research and buy from a local computer store.

As far as the RAM goes...
1. Check that it's seated properly.
2. Take out your original stick, put this one in it's place and see if your machine will boot.

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