trouble getting Printer and Scanner to co-exist


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I have an older sheet-fed Logitech scanner which I had along with my older Canon BJC-240 printer on my older PC. I got a new PC and now they won't work together (using the same parallel port with an adapter provided with the scanner). I used to be able to scan a document and in one step have it print from the printer. Now with my new system, I can use one or the other, but not both. I had to un-install the scanner software to get my printer to stop going nuts (Apparently it was getting a signal that was meant for the scanner). Any suggestions short of buying a new scanner? I know they're not that expensive nowadays, but I like this sheet-fed design and want to keep it (It ain't broke so I don't want to fix it!) ?????
Compaq 7360/ 64Mb RAM/ 500Mhz/ Single parallel port

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The easiest fix for this is to go to your local computer store and buy a second LPT port. This will plug into a ISA slot and become "LPT2". Put Win 95/98 in your CDROM drive and then shut down the computer. Open case, install card... Re-boot, the computer, especialy with 98 on it will see the new card. Direct it to the drive letter of the CD and the Win98 directory. After it is installed put the printer on LPT2, I say the printer because you can easily go into "Printer Properties" and tell the printer to use "LPT2". {The ISA slots are the long black slots, PCI are white, AGP usually brown.}

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