wiring home for computer network ?


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Anyone know if theres a web sight that would have a schematic or parts list of what I would need to wire my house for future networking. Friend gave me a 1000ft. of Cat5 wire and would like to know how to use this effectively, plus not sure if this is only use for this wire or what? Was also told doing this would bring value towards home in future. But for now would like to network a couple pc's and try gaming, also like to have option of placing pc in any room. ( sorry about double post )

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Well parts list is pretty simple, wire, ends, crimp tool. Strike plates for the walls. Then make up cables to each computer as you need them and connect them to the Hub. Ethernet cards {get good ones!} Be sure to label the lines to keep track of them. Multi channel hub or better yet a Router {Best bet but much more expensive}. Pick at least one computer to be the "Server" {Using a hub} and it will be left in the room with the dial-up etc on it. Software and some research on how to manage a network. Networks can be a real bummer or a real pleasure. I run a three computer network on a six channel hub. I can share a single printer, internet connections etc. But I would suggest a cable modem or DSL type of internet connection as there isn't enough band width to run two plus computers on the net with a 56K dialup. I don't know about the value of the house being increased but it makes it easier to create a "Smart House" with a computer to run lights etc. I have had an interesting experiance learning how to run this network! But it has been worth it. Later...
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Thanks for info, guess I have alot of research to do. Never heard of home being controlled by pc. Any web sight suggestions to get me started, so far I've only seen sights that sell equipment.

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