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My son and I would like to build a home computer. We would apreciate any information on how to start, lists of components, where to shop for parts...
We would appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.
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Here is a nice link on the how too's to build your own. It's not that hard, I have built three in the last year, all work extemely well. As far as who to buy parts from I have bought all of mine online, never a problem. The golden rule though is if it's not in stock don't buy it. You can go here to check for prices Watch out for shipping charges as some sites are excessive and the price plus shipping isn't as good as it looked.

Also this site has a multitude of guides on just about everything from buying, component selection, to building.

Hope this helps you out

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My opinion only but I feel that intel processors are a little more straight forward to build on the first time around. Amd and Via chipsets get a little confusing. I am an overclocker so my components are custom. Currently have a [email protected], [email protected], and a [email protected] Best buy for the money now is a pentium3 600 coppermine processor.

Oops here is another with guides for low and high end system components.

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I've upgraded, rebuilt, or built 5 systems in the last 6 years. My minimum recommendations on components are:

ATX motherboard 100 front side bus (minimum) for P-II Itel Celeron or K6-III AMD

AGP 2X video card 16 meg

Mid-tower case

64 meg PC-100 DIMM

32-bit sound card


Floppy disk drive

15 meg Hard disk drive

56K modem

17" monitor

PS/2 mouse

ATX keyboard

I get lots of good deals @ and

Egghead has very fair shipping costs.

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