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Thank you in advance for being here to help us! Your time is very much appreciated.

First I need to look into buying a laptop. But spending $2000 for a machine is just out of my budget right now. My company is small and the budget tight. What can you recommend?

Second question. I just downloaded Eudora to handle my newsletters. Since then my PC computer has completely crashed twice. I've written them and they send a reply but I sure don't want this happening again. Do you know what might be causing the problem? I like using Eudora but not when it disables my computer every 3 weeks.

Thank you again for all your help.

Mary Moppins,
moderator in the cleaning section
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Look for a used laptop, check Ebay? type of place. U could probably stay under $850.00.
Uninstall the program and reinstall. How much memory do U have? Processor speed? Windoze Publisher 97 (Old I know but is now cheap and does a pretty neat newsletter.) Since it happened right after Eudora I'd say that's UR problem. Try getting another copy and reinstall.
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Look into a budget student class system.
They can be had for $1200-2000
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Ebay's definetely a great place to. Just be sure there are plenty of pictures, a clear description and check the rating of the seller. Make sure you know how much shipping will cost before you bid, and ask plenty of questions.

Good luck

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