Criss-K Question about PC purchase


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I couldn't post this to your question. No idea why. Following is a copy/paste, so when you think about it I'm a geek of sorts, my e-machine does all I want it to do, and I have owned many PCs. I'm not a gamer, but I develop web pages, write data base programs, etc. What do you want to upgrade it too?

Forget the after sale. Buy the cheapest you can buy that does what you want it to do. Focus on processor speed, amount of memory, and hard drive capacity. Buy 2 hard drives, and copy all valuable information to the second as a back up.

Tech support personnel are mostly entry level personnel that are trained to use a date base of symptoms and fixes. They then know how to tell you to re-install every thing from scratch, which is mostly only required when your hard drive fails. Most problems are not caused by the hardware. Most are caused by drivers being replaced by a new installation or update. They probably cannot help you with these. Keep a log of changes to your PC and back them out when problems occur. (Latest change to be backed out first)

What ever you buy will soon be obsolete IF you wish to stay up with the latest and greatest, BUT will satisfy most of your needs for many years.

Don't make this decision difficult. The difficult part is deciding to buy a PC. Enjoy!

Marshall Buttrey
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Hey Marshall, You have to register and become a member of Do it Yourself to reply to a post. It's free and only takes a minute. Your post was welcome though! Keep em comming! Mike...
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Thank you bigmike. I am registered, but for some reason I couldn't get signed in last night. Who knows why.

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