msn32.dll...missing after cable install?


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msn32.dll...missing after cable install?

I trying to help someone with their cable internet connection. Now each time the puter is booted, and before it gets to the desktop, there is a box that pops up and says "msn32.dll is missing or cannot be found. It is part of the dynamic lynk library".

Not the exact words, but pretty close. I suspect it has to do with the network?

When I installed my dsl, I had a similar problem and it was fixed by changing the settings in the network. I have tried to change some settings here, but no luck.

Anyone have a similar situation?

Also, I downloaded msn32.dll, but, have no clue where to put the ol boy.

Win 98
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Typical dll locations c:\windows c:\windows\system.
Alternately search the registry for the target.
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My Two Cents Worth

Hello: jerome

I may not be correct on this but it may be worth a try.

The problem may be the incorrect registered name.

By this I mean:

When the computer was initially first turned on, a registration certificate dialogue form was required to activate the computer.

The name of the user, name of the computer within the network and other information filled in on the form cannot be changed.

Renaming the computer will send up the popup dialogue box attempting to notify you that this registration information needs correcting.

Going back and re-entering the correct {orginally used info} will then eliminate that annoying popup dialogue box.

If this is the problem your experiencing, it's due to the fact that useage of the computer is being tracked by the software provider, the computers manufacturer and your ISP.

Each company can then determine who is online, when they are, how often, using which software, etc.

Tracking is always occuring in one form or another, when the computer is online. This is done by several parties online, of which users are totally unaware of.

That's the occasional clicking you hear from your computer's hard drive when your online but not actively surfing etc. Cable modems are more prone to this since the computer is always online when it's on being used or not.

This fact has caused lots of concerns from privacy issues, the collection & sharing of information between companies, marketing firms etc. and the developement of internet security software.

Additional help can be obtained by contacting the cable service provider. Experienced staff members can walk you through the process to locate the that file and correct the incorrect entry information.

Provided the user remembers what the orginal network name used was....

If this method corrects the problem, advise me in a PM.

Regards & Good Luck Jerome
Tom B.
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I'll give those a try and let you know. Thanks much!

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