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Question background for a webpage

I am trying to create a background design for my webpage but I cannot figure out what size design I create in Photoshop. How do I get a design that takes up exactly the size of my background. I am using DreamWeaver 4.0 if you need to know that.

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Cool Resolution

Most sites are 800 x 600 at 16 to 24 bit color. If you are going to have a ton of content you may want to up that.
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My HTML is rather rusty, but can't you use a small bitmap and tile it? That would be the most flexible solution.

btw if you're set on using a graphical background, best to keep it subtle. Too many homepages go overboard with "cool" graphics which take ages to load over dialup and detract from or obscure the text being displayed. Instant turn-off.
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Remember a lot of your visitors may not want to wait through a long download just for a slick background image. The ways around this are to use a flat color or a repeating image. The later can be quite impressive and only takes up a few K of bandwidth. In dreamweaver I believe you can pick either one of these options in the page properties dialog box. In the html code it bgcolor=111122 or bgimage=myfile.jpg. This code would be found in the <body> tag.
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Personally I would script your site for a resolution of 1024x768 but as you know, in Dreamweaver you can set the viewing as a percentage.

More and more people are now buying 17 & 19" monitors. And the purchase of higher specs such as 22" is on the up as the price comes down.

If you set your viewing to scroll on less that the above res then you are catering for everyone - if you stick to 800x600 then those with a better res will find your site visually unacceptable.

Hope it goes well for you, can we see a preview?

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