PC Doesn't recognise Printer


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PC Doesn't recognise Printer

Briefly, had high speed cable connection installed, didn't like it and had it removed going back to dial in service. Since then my PC doesn't recognise my printer. Used a PC analyser program (www.Belarc.com) and this indicates that my printer is on COM1.
Aren't printers usually on LPT1 ?
Am operating Windows ME, have loads of RAM and disk space.
Uninstalled printer, reinstalled and rebooted but still no luck getting the system to recognise the printer, it still shows as being on COM1.
Would appreciate any ideas on how to overcome the problem.
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The Soulgirl
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Your right, it should be LPT1. Go to your System, Devices Menu and check your port setting there. If you delete from that menu and refresh it should reinstall it correctly.
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Bring system up in SAFE MODE (F8 @ boot). Go into “System” of “Control Panel”. Go to “Device Manager” and remove all Com Ports, Printer ports and anything associated with the high speed Internet connection. Also, remove any or all “Printers”. Shutdown the system. If you installed any hardware (NICS, Modem, etc…) for high speed, and you don’t plan to use it, remove it. Reboot, Windows should re-install what it finds. Good Luck.
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what printers are listed in the printer folder?

Just curious - what printers show up when you got to Printers off the control panel? If you haven't done anything yet, I'm guessing that you have more than 1 and whatever "printer" is selected as the default is on com1.

Make the real printer the default printer.
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Cool Cable

And what in the world did you find objectionable about your broadband connection? I have to save this and show it to a buddy, says he has never heard of anyone changing back to dialup from broadband and, heaven forbid, LIKE IT?
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I'd like to know that, too

I've heard of people changing from cable to DSL or DSL to cable because of speed issues (funny how our perceptions interact with realities). I only know of two instances where people went back to dial-up.

1. DSL speeds depend on how far you are from the phone company's equipment. My example was at the far end and cable was not available.

2. One went from cable back to dial-up just to have AOL as their ISP again. They didn't want or need all that cable offered and so didn't want to pay for it.

Personally, I can't imagine going back to dial-up.

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