Event Viewer?


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Event Viewer?

Hello. Everyone: I hope i did this right, but attached is my Event Log, and i just want to know. What is the Event viewer and what is it used for? Tom
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Event Viewer is just the application to view and Windows NT log file that logs all system events such as booting up info. It also logs error messages generated by programs if they cause system problems. They can be rather cryptic to understand.

By the way, your attachment didn't come through. If there is one entry you want to check you can use copy and paste and just paste the error message into the reply box on this website.
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you can also attempt to decipher the cryptic error message that you receive by going to http://support.microsoft.com. i wouldn't worry too much about information/warning messages, unless you are experiencing specific problems. if you cut/paste the error message, and perhaps restrict by topic which application might be logging the error, you'll generally find out much more about the possible sources and/or causes of the offending application/incompatibility.
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Thank you Guys, i am away from my pc and wont be back til probably Tuesday, I am visiting a friend and using his pc. Will get back to you then, Tom

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