Thinking about building a computer


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Thinking about building a computer

I have the chance to buy a HP 75 megahertz computer for $38 dollars. It does not have a power supply,memory,hard drive,modom and operating system. I have not built a computer before would it be difficult to get this one built. All I would use the computer for is surfing, mainly. Could you guys walk me through the steps of building a computer like this? And can you put a 56k modem in a computer like this? I read the great advice you guys give all the time.

Thank You

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Wouldn't really be difficult to build. The problem is if it's even worth doing it. The biggest drawback of building you own computer is you are on your own more or less when you run into technical problems.
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Cool And then...

The other biggest problem with this is that it¡¦s at the definite end of its life! You may be able to overclock (doubtful) or replace the CPU to maybe 100 MHz and memory to maybe 32, 64 Megs? And then do what with it? If you¡¦re a ham radio operator you could use it for Packet or APRS. Learn from at best, learning what has to be done to build one. Use it for maybe a mail server, do away with your ISP¡¦s mail service and build your own server. I have done it and it¡¦s nice. NO SPAMƒº
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You can better invest that $38 and get closer to cutting edge even with used hardware.
For what you are getting here, you will still need $100+ in hardware and more in software.
Look for new (with warranty) package deals from a local retailer or computer show (deal with local vender). Insist on all the original software install CDs (or floppies).
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I personnally think building your own computer is a fun hobby. However, what you want to start with may not be worth the effort. That vintage of HP was very propritary and needed many special parts. Plus, all you get when your done is a 75Mhz computer that you'll have about $400 dollars worth or parts in it. There are lots of great barebone kits out there that can get you into the Ghz range for $150 and with that you get a case w/ a power supply. Sink $400 dollars into that and you'll have a kicking computer.

PS Where I work and at many other schools and companies we throw 150Mhz computers away because they don't even make good door stops. If you want to learn on old stuff you can probably scrounge around and get it all for free.
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I will take your advice and get a low cost kit that will get up to the speed of new computers on the market. New Duron 900 kits are only $123. Thank guys.
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Basically, that $38 only is buying an obsolete motherboard and an obsolete CPU and a case w/o a power supply that cannot accept modern motherboards (A 75 MHz system presumes a PI CPU).

Here are approximate costs:
Case (includes power supply) - ~$50
A decent motherboard - ~$100 (ASUS, Abit, etc.)
AMD Duron 900 CPU w/fan - <$50
40 GB Hard disk - ~$90
DVD drive - ~$50
memory - ~$100
floppy drive -$10-15
video card - $30
sound card - $10
keyboard - $15
mouse - $15
OS - hmmm, don't have a price on this

This will get you a decent PC and will be upgradable for a few years. However, this won't save you any money versus buying a Dell, Gateway, etc. Those manufacturers have low profit margins and have the ability to get the lowest hardware prices. You also get customer support. Look at this:
$600 with monitor is hard to beat

check for prices
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Cool Be carefull

Some of those low cost computers can be a real pain to use. Cheap components have a tendency to fail early and not to perform to their own specs let alone a decent game or application. Bad or non existent sound, poor video and refresh rates. These cheap systems absolutely have their place in the market but when it blows chunks when you try to play Need for Speed or some such, remember that there is only a 2 to 4 Meg video card in it but most gaming require 10 Megs minimum. Jeez I run 64 Megs and could use more. But I wouldn’t be happy even if they hung me with a new rope...

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